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About accredited Colleges

Accreditation of schools is a respected and trustworthy indicator of a school's concern for integrity toward its students and superior education. Beauty and Barber Schools that are accredited have met national standards of educational performance which have been determined by a neutral non-governmental agency. Also, accreditation allows some cosmetology and barber schools to participate in financial aid programs for students who qualify. Accredited cosmetology colleges are required to reveal school performance facts and statistics to all new enrollees. Not only must they reveal these statistics to new enrollees, but these colleges must keep the statistics at a reasonable percentage (such as how many students graduate, pass their licensure exam, and obtain employment). If the statistics percentage falls below a certain average, the college could lose it's accreditation. Accredited cosmetology and barber colleges are likely to provide new enrollees with their campus security plan and reveal important statistics on crimes that have been committed on campus. Accredited beauty and barber schools are audited on a regular basis by the accrediting commission. The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as the national accrediting agency for cosmetology schools. NACCAS is recognized under the provisions of Chapter 33, Title 38, U.S. Code and subsequent legislation.

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About Non-accredited Colleges

Non accredited beauty colleges may not have to follow the high standards that have been set by NACCAS. There are some good - even GREAT - non-accredited cosmetology and barber schools. Also, beauty and barberschools in some states in the U.S. have to follow very high standards set forth by their state's governing body over post secondary education. To find out who they are, you may want to call at least 10 local salons and spas in your area to see where professionals in the industry recommend that you attend cosmetology school. If the name of a non-accredited college consistently gets their recommendation then you can feel at ease about choosing that college. See the Questions page for a list of questions you can ask the admissions director of any school you are considering.

Hot Careers in the Cosmetology and Barber Industry!

✅ Barber ✅ Beauty Educator ✅ Beauty Journalist / Writer ✅ Braiding Specialist ✅ Competition Stylist ✅ Cosmetic Product Design ✅ Cosmetic Product Distributor ✅ Cometician ✅ Cosmetology College Recruiter ✅ Cruise Line Esthetician ✅ Cruise Line Stylist ✅ Educator ✅ Esthetician / Aesthetician ✅ Extension / Hair Addition Specialist ✅ Eyelash Extension Specialist ✅ Facialist ✅ Fantasy Makeup Artist/Stylist ✅ Franchise owner ✅ Hairdresser ✅ Image Advisor / Public Relations ✅ Makeup Consultant ✅ Modeling Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist ✅ Motivational Speaker ✅ Mortuary Hairstylist and Makeup Artist ✅ Nail Technician ✅ Natural Hair Stylist ✅ Pageant Stylist / Makeup Artist ✅ Permanent Makeup Artist ✅ Platform Artist ✅ Salon/Spa Receptionist ✅ Salon Manager ✅ Salon Owner ✅ Resort Stylist ✅ Sales Distributor ✅ Stage Makeup Artist/Stylist ✅ State Board Inspector of Cosmetology Colleges ✅ Show / Event Coordinator / Stylist ✅ Spa Manager ✅ Spa Owner ✅ Stylist/Makeup Artist for Magazines ✅ Television Cable Hair Stylist / Makeup Artist ✅ Web Designer For Salons or Beauty Schools

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